Custom Software Containers for Duke Courses

Instructors can request custom Linux Docker containers with pre-loaded software packages for Duke courses and workshops. Once built, students can claim and access through our Virtual Computing Lab service and faculty and their designees can update the container’s software packages throughout the semester using the OIT GitLab project set up when the container automation was created. In addition to private storage space for each student, course storage space is provided for the instructor to share large datasets; the course storage space is  made available as a read-only volume for the student containers. The container reservation system currently supports a wide variety of courses at Duke with ~ 2,000 active reservations each semester.

To request a new container, complete and submit a request at least 3 weeks prior to date needed (potentially more time will be needed at the start of the semester).


For software on Windows that requires a special Virtual Machine build, email your request to:

How to get help