Qualtrics survey software

The Qualtrics survey tool is available free for Duke users at http://duke.qualtrics.com through a university-wide site license. Qualtrics is integrated with Duke's NetID authentication system but also allows sharing of surveys with non-Duke users.

To create a Qualtrics account, log in from http://duke.qualtrics.com using your NetID and NetID password.

Qualtrics users can send and track participation invitations and reminders; display survey results in real time, graphically and statistically; and export raw data in a variety of formats (to CSV, XML, HTML and SPSS, a popular statistical package available through OIT software license).

Other key features include:

  • libraries of customizable templates and question banks that can be shared by users and groups.
  • a “quick survey builder” guide for beginners.
  • survey translation capabilities, allowing respondents to select a language or default to a browser language preference and tracking those selections in survey results.
  • continuous file saving, minimizing potential data loss due to browser crashes.
  • folders for survey organization.

Support Information

Qualtrics is supported on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

  • Duke's Qualtrics license includes both e-mail and phone support. If you have questions about how to use Qualtrics or are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact Qualtrics directly by emailing support@qualtrics.com or calling 1-800-340-9194 between 8am-8pm EST.
  • For help with survey methodology and best practices contact the Duke Initiative on Survey Methodology at SSRI (Social Science Research Institute) at: dism-ssri@duke.edu.
  • If you need assistance logging in, sharing surveys, creating and managing groups, or changing survey ownership, please contact the OIT Service Desk at 919-684-2200.