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Clean Your Zoom is an online tool for moving and deleting recorded Zoom meetings (video, transcript, chat, etc.). You can move or delete multiple files at once, a function not available in Zoom.

Clean Your Zoom can move files to a private folder on Duke’s network -- Duke on-site storage -- that you can attach as a drive to your local computer and then manage the files as you would any others. The files are accessible only by you and can be stored long-term or temporarily. If you need to share a recording or other Zoom file, connect to your on-site storage from your Mac or Windows device and move the recording or file to another platform, such as Panopto.

Getting Started

Note: To use Clean Your Zoom, you must be connected to Duke’s network (directly or via the Virtual Private Network).

The first time you access Clean Your Zoom, you’ll need to sign in and authorize the tool to manage your Zoom recordings. Do the following:

  1. Visit Clean Your Zoom.
  2. In the Sign In screen, click Sign in with SSO.
  3. In the Sign in with SSO screen, type duke.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. In the next screen, which indicates Clean Your Zoom is requesting access to your Zoom account, click Authorize. Clean Your Zoom opens.