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Update on Duke Wiki and Jira Moving to the Cloud

We are providing an update to all Duke Wiki and Jira users regarding the upcoming changes to the Duke Wiki and Jira services.

Atlassian, like many other companies, is moving its products to the cloud and Duke is carefully navigating the shifting landscape. We have been making progress in our discussions with Atlassian, weighing the most cost-effective solution, as well as in researching other services that can meet the needs of the Duke community.

Note: If your department has a separate contract with Atlassian, disregard this message.

I use Duke Wiki. What alternative do I have?

We have evaluated several alternatives for Duke Wiki, and determined that MediaWiki ( is the best solution for Duke. While there are no alternatives that directly replace all Duke Wiki features, MediaWiki has a familiar interface, similar to Wikipedia, and meets the university’s accessibility guidelines. We are on track to provide access for testing MediaWiki later this summer.

Currently, we are creating a “sandbox” environment of MediaWiki to test migration. If you would like to volunteer for a test migration of content from Duke Wiki to MediaWiki, contact

There are several other Duke resources that may serve your needs. See a comparison chart of the Duke Wiki alternatives below. All options will require some level of content review and deleting unnecessary files after migrating. You may consider using one of Duke’s collaboration tools to host your content, such as Box, Microsoft Teams, or SharePoint. More information about these tools.

Wiki Comparison Chart_1222 updated - 1920 × 1200 px).png

View Accessible Version of Wiki Comparison Chart - December 2022


Is there an alternative for Jira?

Jira users can consider GitLab as an on-premise solution. View a comparison chart of Jira and GitLab here: (Box login required)


My group wants to continue using Duke Wiki and/or Jira.

Groups that require a full suite of features may purchase an Atlassian cloud subscription. Email if your group is interested.


What are my next steps?

Review your Duke Wiki and Jira content, delete what is no longer needed, and consider which of the alternative solutions above would be best for you. We will continue to provide regular updates.


Should you have questions or concerns, send an email to, or contact your local IT support team.