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Access to Confluence (DukeWiki) and Jira extended until Jan. 2024

Good news!

All Confluence (DukeWiki) and Jira users will be able to continue using the current version of the services without interruption another year, until January 2024. Duke has extended its contract with Atlassian, the Confluence and Jira vendor.

Note: If your department has a separate contract with Atlassian, disregard this message.

More time to research alternatives

Our July update anticipated Confluence (DukeWiki) and Jira moving to the cloud and a contract change with Atlassian. Since that time, OIT was able to evaluate alternatives to Atlassian products and provide a comparison to help members of the Duke community determine the best solution for them.

MediaWiki ‘sandbox’ is now available to all

OIT has determined that MediaWiki, currently in pilot, is the best solution at no cost to the Duke community. MediaWiki has a familiar interface, similar to Wikipedia, and meets the university’s accessibility guidelines. Individual site migration to MediaWiki is also now available. Learn more about MediaWiki here:

There is currently a “sandbox” environment available to those interested. To access it, visit In the “sandbox” environment, your content will be visible to others and no data can be exported or saved long-term.

Other alternatives to Confluence

There are several other options available for Confluence (DukeWiki) users to consider. More information about OIT’s collaboration tools.

A comparison chart of the Confluence alternatives may be helpful for decision-making: (see Wiki Comparison Chart – June 2022).

GitLab is the alternative to Jira

Jira users can consider GitLab as an on-premise alternative solution to Jira. They can continue to use Jira in the cloud for a monthly fee, per user, that should be confirmed by Fall 2023. View a comparison chart of Jira and GitLab here: (Box login required)

In the meantime, continue to review your content and delete what is no longer needed and consider which of the alternatives would work best for you. 

Should you have questions, send an email to, or contact your local IT support.