WebEx Meeting: Getting started with online meetings

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Duke offers WebEx Meeting. WebEx Meeting is available to both the University and Health System; it allows up to 1,000 participants.

Types of Meetings

There are two types of meetings: instant (one-click) meetings and scheduled meetings.

One-Click Meeting Scheduled Meeting
Can be started at any time Starts at a predetermined time
Great for asking questions or collaborating immediately Use when you don't know if participants are immediately available
Great for troubleshooting, by sharing the desktop Participants are notified of meeting in advance

Starting a One-Click Meeting in WebEx Meeting

You can start a one-click meeting at any time. When logged into WebEx Meeting, under Host a Meeting, select One-Click Meeting. Meeting Center will start. Click Invite and Remind to invite participants. They will immediately be notified of the meeting and prompted to join. Click Share My Desktop if you wish others to view your screen.

Scheduling a Meeting in WebEx Meeting

You can schedule an online conference at any time, and share the desktop, audio, and video. Attendees can also join by phone (unless you change the audio conference setting to VOIP-only when you schedule the meeting, for WebEx, "VOIP Only" means computer audio). To schedule an online meeting, do the following:

  1. Under Host a Meeting, click Schedule a Meeting.
  2. On the Schedule a Meeting page, fill in the required fields and click Schedule Meeting. Attendees will receive an email with a link to the meeting as well as a phone number and attendee code (if you selected VOIP-only [meaning just computer audio], only the link will be provided)

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