Security Camera FAQs

Q – How do I initiate a request for installation?

A – Contact Duke University Police Department (DUPD) to initiate a consultation.


Q – How do I receive a budget for installation and recurring annual costs?

A – After meeting with DUPD/OIT to discuss installation requirements, OIT will provide departments with a cost estimate.


Q – What is the project approval process?

A – An Enterprise Camera Steering Committee will review all requests after initial consultation and provide an approval or denial of request.


Q – Once approved and funded, how do I get my video surveillance project started?

A – Once DUPD receives approval from the Steering Committee, you will be notified. A cost center must be provided to OIT in order to begin work.


Q - How long does Duke keep video footage?

A – 30 days.


Q – Who determines what parties can view video?

A – The department paying for the service determines who has video access in accordance with Duke video security and data privacy guidelines.


Q – How do I request video footage?

A – Contact the DUPD.


Q – How do I report a problem? 

A – Contact the OIT Service Desk at 919-684-2200 or at   


Article Number: KB0025716