Request Voice Mail Box

Message Taking Voice Mail

The standard Cisco Unity voice mail box is configured to take messages from a designated seven digit phone number from Duke's Cisco Call Manager.

  • Normal voice mail service forwards to voice mail after four unanswered rings
  • Users record their own custom greetings and determine which message is played to the callers (internal only/external only/busy etc..)
  • Users are notified that a message has been left by visual indicators on the phone (solid red light on handset & or flashing envelope on display or both)

Non-Message Taking Voice Mail (Announcement Only)

OIT also offers non-message taking voice mail service (announcement only).The mailbox is configured to play a custom announcement that the end user records.The caller is forwarded directly to Unity voice mail where they hear the announcement, then the system hangs up. This type of service can be used to communicate information that does not require message taking capabilities.

Voice Mail to E-Mail

OIT provides voice mail to e-mail capabilities for users that may prefer voice mail messages delivered to their Duke e-mail account. Voice mail can only forward to a single e-mail account. Recorded messages appear as a wav. file attachment in the users e-mail account. These wav. files can be saved to a PC, shared drive or forwarded via e-mail to other users. OIT can configure notifications one of three ways.

  • Receive only notification through the phone (red light & or flashing envelope)
  • Receive only notification through e-mail
  • Receive notification through both the phone device and e-mail account

DID Voice Mail (Direct Inward Dialing)

DID voice mail service allows users that do not have a physical telephone to have voice mail service. There is no message notification for this service unless the user subscribes to voice mail to e-mail capabilities.


Article Number: KB0025169