RemoteApp: Requesting access to the Duke RemoteApp environment (for SAP Usage)

OIT has transition its SAP offering for Mac users to the Microsoft RemoteApp platform.  The RemoteApp environment presents SAP and Authentic Login as native containerized applications running on the local machine via Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Please send a request to the OIT Service Desk via, include the following in the ticket:

  • Full Name
  • NetID
  • Current computing environment (Mac, Linux,etc )
  • Reason you need to request access to the Duke RemoteApp Environment - "Need access to SAP"
  • Do you have a virtual Windows environment on your computer such as BootCamp, Parrallels, etc
    • If you have a virtual Windows environment have you attempted use of SAP
  • Do you have Microsoft Remote Desktop installed? What version?  (Recommend 8.0.38)

The below is for ITIL users only:
When the above is gathered: see here for further escalation.

Article Number: KB0017226