Pricing & Configurations - VMware & Sys Admin

VM Server Hosting

As of May 25, 2019, we have moved away from the standard "Small/Medium/Large/X-Large" model to one that is more flexible. The rates were calculated using the same base numbers so VMs should be priced very similar as the previous model.  If you have any questions or concerns with the new pricing, please email Eric Johnson (

The new model for the cost of each production VM is as follows (All rates below are listed annually):

Base VM

  • Each VM will have a base rate of $10.23 per VM
  • Memory will have a rate of $15.50 per Gb

*Base rate price changed 2/25/20

Storage & Backup

All VMs come standard with both a VM based backup, as well as a file based backup.  The VM based backups provide a full copy of each VM that is snapped each day.   The VM backup is intended only for disaster and/or complete corruption of a VM recoveries.  To be able to recover individual files or partial VM data recoveries, OIT backups is the solution as Veeam does not have that level of capabilities.  Since the VM and file based backups are now coming from the same product, all VMs now come with

No Storage is included with the standard rate.  Previously there was a 25 Gb default built into the pricing, but due to different operating systems having different needs we do not have any storage included in the base configuration.

Storage for each type is as follows (all in $/Gb/Yr)

   Platinum   Silver   Bronze 
Storage + VM/File Based Backup $.69 $0.44 $0.23
Storage + FM/File Based Backup with DR
$.74 $0.48 $0.27

*Storage Pricing Updated 12/26/19

System Administration

In addition to the Standard VMware Administration, the following OS System Administration levels are offered:

Central System Administration Level
Self Administration No additional charge
8/5 Standard OIT-SI OS System Administration  $175/year
24/7 Standard OIT-SI OS System Administration  $350/year
8/5 Webhosting OIT-SI System Administration  $425/year
24/7 Webhosting OIT-SI System Administration  $600/year

*pricing updated 5/25/19

Example Cost of a VM

So as an example a VM with 2 Gb of memory with 25 Gb of Silver storage with onsite backups would cost:
($10.23 base rate/Yr)  + (2 * $15.50 $/Gb/Yr) + (25 * 0.44 $/Gb Silver with VM/File Based Backup) = $52.23/yr
Comparing this to the previous model: This would have been a standard Silver Medium VM with no Sys Admin which had a cost of $65.00


Payments will be charged to the Fund code provided on a monthly basis.  Fund codes will be charged a single entry for all VMs assigned to that code per month at a rate of 1/12 the annual cost.  To see details (per server cost) of your fund code, go to the Fund Code link in Clockworks.   Pricing is reviewed annually in the fall.  It is unexpected that rates will increase due to the typical cost reduction seen in hardware infrastructure over time.

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