Office 365: Configure Outlook 2016 for Mac



  • Setting up Outlook 2016 for Mac OS




  • Mac OS 
  • Outlook 2016




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  • In Outlook 2016 click Tools and Accounts.  Tools is on the top of the Outlook screen.

  • Click Exchange or Office 365

  • Enter a valid email address for your account in the E-mail address box. In the Method dropdown, be sure User Name and Password is selected.  In User name:,  enter your  In the Password field, enter your NetID password.  Check the box for configure automatically.  Click Add Account when complete.

  • Verify your is listed.   Check the Always use my response to this server box.  Click Allow.

  • Your account will configure.  You will see a green light when it is set and your email will populate in the client.  Depending on the size of your email box, it may take longer then a new account.



If you need further assistance, contact your local IT support group/person.
You can also contact your appropriate Service Desk:
University Users: OIT Service Desk - 919 684 2200
Duke Medicine Users: DHTS Service Desk - 919 684 2243



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