MFA: Duo Mobile setup on IOS Device


How to set up DUO Mobile on a IOS device?


Answer: Setup for Operating System IOS Version 8.1.3

You can access your multi-factor registration page here

* For further information and how to access the barcode, please view the video at then bottom of this page

 Can not access the bar code? click here

Step 1)

Visit the App Store and search for "DUO Mobile" (Ipad users will need to search for "iphone only" apps in the app store)


Step 2)

Download and Install the Duo Mobile app


Step 3)

Open the Duo Mobile app


Step 4)

Accept the License Agreement



Step 5)

Select "Add Account"



Step 6)

Scan the barcode at the bottom of the page, click "continue" when done

a. To generate the barcode, please go to

b. Click on "Replace your existing phone or tablet with a new device"

c. Click on your cellphone number and then click on continue on the following page. The barcode will be located at the bottom of the page.


Step 7)

Your account is now setup, you will see a "green key" next to "Duke University" when finished




For further assistance, please feel free to contact your appropriate service desk.

University users can contact the OIT Service desk at 919 684-2200 
Duke Medicine users can contact the DHTS Service desk at 919 684-2243

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