Duke Wiki and Duke Jira in the Cloud: What to Expect (Questions and Answers)

DukeWiki and Duke Jira in the Cloud: What to Expect

What is happening and when?

We migrate to Confluence Cloud and Jira Cloud starting on December 8, 2023.  Users should not make changes in the old Duke Wiki or Duke Jira services after that date.

Why are we moving to Atlassian products in the cloud?

The vendor, Atlassian, is no longer supporting local installations of Confluence and Jira server. These products are now offered in the cloud only. There are also new features and other benefits to Confluence Cloud and Jira Cloud.

What’s new and better in Confluence Cloud vs server - Work Life by Atlassian
Compare Jira Software Cloud and Data Center features (atlassian.com)

How will I log in to Atlassian Cloud (Duke Wiki and Duke Jira)?

If prompted, enter netid@duke.edu, and then will see a Duke Authentication page.  Sign in with your NetID, password, and second factor. Any other email address will not work. If you are John Doe and have a netid of jd123 and an email address of john.doe@duke.edu, you would enter jd123@duke.edu. 

What will happen to my pages and spaces in Duke Wiki?

All pages and spaces from the old Duke Wiki will be copied (migrated) into the new Duke Wiki.

What will happen to my projects in Duke Jira?

Not all projects in the old Duke Jira service were migrated. Users of projects that were copied (migrated) into the new Duke Jira have been notified and should use the new link.

Will the attachments to Duke Wiki articles be moved to the cloud?

We are migrating the attachments from the old Duke Wiki service into the new Duke Wiki.  However, we recommend using a different service for attachments (files) such as Duke Box.

How do I manage which users have access to my space?

We are developing an application that will help you do this. Until this is ready, request changes through the Service Desk.

Will I be able to access previous versions of pages or project?

The version history should be preserved after the migration to the cloud.

Will I manage groups as I did in Duke Wiki?

No, that feature was unique to Duke Wiki. We’re developing a tool that will help you do this. Until it’s ready, request changes through the Service Desk.

Will there be macros and other features for editing wiki pages?

Most macros and features will be available in the cloud. We recommend reviewing your macros after the migration.

Can I create new spaces in the cloud wiki?

Yes, once migration is complete. Contact the Service Desk.

Will I use the same link I used before?

No. The access link will change.

Take note of your Duke Wiki space’s old link.

If your old link began with:


Your new link will begin with:


Bookmarks to pages within your space will continue to point to the old DukeWiki, so please remove them or edit them to point to the corresponding pages in your space in the new DukeWiki.

The new Jira link will be:


What happens to the old Duke Wiki and Duke Jira services?

These services be available as a reference for a short period of time following the migration.  Any changes made in those services will not be replicated to the cloud.  Use the cloud Duke Wiki and Duke Jira for all of your new work.

Can I use my old bookmarks?

Migration will preserve Wiki spaces and Jira boards, but their addresses will change.  Bookmarks to the old pages will not take you to the cloud.

Do I need to use VPN to access Duke Wiki or Duke Jira in the cloud?

No.  A VPN connection is not necessary to access the new Duke Wiki or Duke Jira.

Who is eligible to use Duke Wiki in the cloud?

Duke users with an active netid are eligible to use Duke Wiki. Those with affiliate affiliation will need sponsor approval. 

Is Jira any different in the cloud?

Yes, Jira is quite different. You can access training materials at https://support.atlassian.com/jira-software-cloud/docs/get-started-with-jira-software-cloud/

What about my accounts in other Atlassian Cloud products like Trello?

If you have an existing account for other Atlassian Cloud services, you will be able to continue to use it.  If you set up a new account in the future, please use the email format netid@duke.edu.  Other formats may not work.

Info for administrators of other Atlassian products

If you administer an Atlassian cloud product apart from our Duke Wiki and Duke Jira service, you may need to change the way you add users.

Today, you may have Duke users with a variety of email addresses: netid@duke.edu, firstname.lastname@duke.edu, or user@school.duke.edu. Only users with addresses of the form netid@duke.edu will be able to use Duke Authentication (Shibboleth); during our migration to the cloud, we will disable the ability for new users of other email address formats to sign in.

Please begin using netid@duke.edu for all new users, and consider asking your existing users to move to netid@duke.edu address forms. This will gain them the protection of Duke authentication, including multifactor authentication.

Article number: KB0037026

Valid to: December 13, 2024