Using Zoom Meetings with Personal Bookings

This article assumes you src=" familiar with and have set up your Personal Bookings Page. If not, see Using Office 365 src=" Personal Booking Page and Using Meeting Types in Your Personal Booking Page.

To facilitate online meetings scheduled through your Personal Bookings Page, you can establish a persistent Zoom meeting and include a link to it in any of your meeting types. The persistent meeting link eliminates the need to schedule a separate Zoom meeting for appointments booked through your Personal Bookings Page. When someone books an appointment with you through your Personal Booking Page, their confirmation will include the link to the persistent Zoom meeting.

Important! Anyone with the link to a persistent meeting can join it at any time. You may wish to create a new persistent Zoom meeting periodically, and/or enable the waiting room feature to avoid unwanted participants.

Secure your Zoom account

Before we begin, note that as of September 27, 2020, if a Zoom meeting is scheduled without a passcode, Zoom will automatically enable a waiting room for the meeting. To require passcodes for all your meetings, do the following:

  1. From a web browser, visit
  2. Click Sign in. (If you are not already logged in to Zoom, log in with your NetID and password.)
  3. In the left navigation, click Settings.
  4. Under Security, enable Require a passcode when scheduling new meetings and Embed passcode in invite link for one-click join.

Schedule the persistent Zoom meeting

To create a persistent Zoom meeting, do the following:

  1. In the left navigation, select Meetings.
  2. Under Upcoming Meetings, select Schedule a New Meeting. The meeting details appear.
  3. In the Topic field, name the meeting. You may wish to give it the same name as the Personal Booking meeting type it will correspond to.
  4. Click to select Recurring meeting.
  5. In the Recurrence list, select No Fixed Time.
  6. Click Save. The meeting is saved and displays an Invite Link.
  7. Right-click on the link and select Copy.

Add the invitation link to a Personal Booking meeting type

In Office 365, under Settings > Personal booking > Meeting types and availability, do the following:

  1. Edit the desired meeting type. The Meeting details appear.
  2. In the Add a location or room field, paste the invitation link.
  3. If enabled, disable Online meeting.
  4. Click Save.
Article Number: KB0033290