WebEx Event Production: Presenter's Guide

WebEx Event Production: Presenter’s Guide


Thank you for your participation in our online event. Below you will find some best practices you can use to help ensure it is successful. If you have any issues or questions, please get in touch with your ceremony’s technical lead.


Making Sure You Look and Sound Your Best


Test your equipment ahead of time

This means making sure the camera and microphone you plan to use are working smoothly, and that you have a stable Internet connection.


Internet Connection

  • Visit http://speedtest.oit.duke.edu to test your connection. A minimum of 1.5mbps is required and anything above 3mbps will make sure you won’t have audio or video issues.
  • Move as close as possible to your wireless connection or try plugging your computer directly into your router with an ethernet cable if you are able.
  • Make sure no other applications are running in the background
  • Make sure you are not using a VPN
  • If you have trouble the day of the show, restart your modem, router and/or computer
  • Ask others in the house not to stream or play online games during your speaking session
  • If you can’t establish a good connection on the day of the show, contact your event coordinator and ask to be connected via telephone


Update WebEx Meetings app

Make sure your WebEx Meetings app is running the most recent version.  15-30 minutes before your meeting, check for updates in the app.


Sit Somewhere Quiet

While you may be muted during times when you are not actively presenting, be sure to sit somewhere quiet in your location so that there is minimal background noise. If you are in a room with hard floors and walls, having some towels or other fabrics lying around can help absorb echo. Once you are done speaking, remember to turn off your camera and mute your microphone.


Check Your Audio

Wearing a headset with a built-in microphone is recommended to reduce background noise and echo.


Position Your Camera

You’ll want a light source in front of you, not behind you (which will backlight you and make you look darker). Avoid sitting with a window behind you. If on a laptop, put some large books underneath so that the laptop’s built in webcam is about eye-level, which will create a more flattering perspective.


Event Logistics


Please refer to the documentation to be sent separately before the event to confirm your call time and presentation time.


What to do before the event

Your event will usually open to presenters and staff 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to the official start time. There will either be a 15 minute video countdown, with all panelists muted or the host/moderator will let you know when it is your time to present.


Content Development

  • If you are pre-recording your video with a phone, make sure the phone is horizontal, not vertical
  • Size your Powerpoint slides 16:9 (rectangular) or ask the event coordinator if there is a presentation template


What to do when it’s your turn

When the host, moderator or previous guest has introduced or segued to you, turn on your camera and unmute your microphone.  Once you’ve done that, proceed to give your remarks, then introduce the next guest or send it back to the host/moderator (per your agenda), and turn off your camera and mute yourself.


If you are sharing slides through PowerPoint, you should make sure to set up your Slide Show to be “Browsed by an individual (window)”. This makes it much easier to share in WebEx.



Unfortunately, this feature is not available in Keynote so if you are presenting in WebEx, we’d recommend you saving your presentation as a PowerPoint presentation and present from there.

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