Zoom Meetings: Comprehensive Starting Guide


Getting ready to use Zoom Meetings

IMPORTANT: Do not use Duke's VPN with Zoom

Prepare your devices(s)

Be sure that your device has a working camera and you have a headset or USB echo cancelling speakerphone. With Zoom Meetings you may also choose to use a telephone and call in.


Initial Login

Navigate to https://duke.zoom.us and select the src="https://duke.service-now.com/Sign in" button. You will then be asked to authenticate with your NetID and password.


You should be asked to authenticate with your NetID and password:


My Profile

Once you log into Zoom, you will be directed to your Profile page. You will find your Personal Meeting ID and Personal Link. You can add a profile picture and make other changes such as modifying your personal meeting ID to be a telephone number.


Install Zoom meetings software

If you haven src="https://duke.service-now.com/t already, sign into Zoom Meetings (https://duke.zoom.us) with your NetID and password. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the links to the desktop client and Outlook plugin.


To login using the client:


From the Sign In prompt, select src="https://duke.service-now.com/Sign In with SSO" /p>


Enter duke as the company domain.


From here you'll see the main Zoom Meetings Menu


 If you select src="https://duke.service-now.com/New Meeting" you'll see the following:


The Advanced Options


Once you've scheduled the meeting, use the button corresponding to your calendar (probably Outlook) to add the meeting, at that point you will be able to invite the other participants.



  • Sometimes, especially when first setting up Zoom and your Outlook add-in, you may be prompted to sign into Zoom; always choose the SSO option when this happens. Remember that duke is the domain.
  • There are many more settings available at duke.zoom.us, than there are when using the client.
  • You can change your personal room's access number, a lot of people use their office phone number for this as it may be easier to remember.
  • The Outlook addin adds a button to your new meeting view that will add the details of your personal room to a meeting, removing the need to open the Zoom client first.
  • Zoom src="https://duke.service-now.com/s online training is excellent. https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us 
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