Connecting Your Zoom Meetings Account to Warpwire


Note: This will only automatically move recordings made AFTER the integration is set up. Previous recordings will need to be manually downloaded and uploaded into Warpwire.
STEP 1 Log in to warpwire (  

Click on "Zoom Settings" on the menu on the right side of your screen. 

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Click the button that says, "Connect your Zoom Account". You'll be taken to a Zoom page to authenticate

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Click Log in with SSO and enter your credentials on the Shibboleth login page that appears. If you do nothing further, ALL your New Zoom recordings will be placed in a Media Library Warpwire automatically creates for you called "Zoom Recordings." Note that when you start a recording in Zoom, you'll need to select the Save to Cloud option. Recordings saved to your local computer cannot be auto-saved to Warpwire. Also note that this integration does not delete your recordings from Zoom. It is a copy--not a move. Please delete the recording once you have confirmed it is in Warpwire.

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 STEP 5 If you want to route specific Zoom recordings to specific Warpwire Media Libraries, follow these instructions. If you want want to route specific Zoom recordings to Warpwire Media Libraries already configured for your course, first set up your Warpwire Media Library through and then follow these instructions.  




Article Number: KB0032520