How to Transfer Folders You Own into a Box Folder in Kits

The best practice for preserving important data shared with a group in Box is to store the data in a Box folder set up through Kits. This prevents data from being lost if the owner of the folders/files should leave Duke.

1. Create a kit for your group or project in Kits (

2. Add the Box app to your kit

3. Share your kit and Box folder with other people

4. Move the files and folders to the Box folder in your new kit.

a. Select the folder you wish to move.

b. Click on the  (ellipses) 

c. Click on Move or Copy

d. Select the Toolkit folder and click Move

e. The folder is now in the Toolkit folder. Collaborations are preserved in the folder. 

f. Inform collaborators of the folder’s new location.

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