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Rich Media Viewer

Embedded Media Viewer

Additional Tips for Viewing Panopto Recordings

Rich Media Viewer

Panopto recordings played back through a web browser on your laptop a Rich Media Viewer that includes a number of advanced features, including:

  • The ability to search for terms that are used in the presentation. These could be:
    • Spoken by the presenter and indexed via Panopto's Automated Speech Recognition
    • Included in the slide deck or written by hand on a white board or document camera and indexed via Panopto's automatic Optical Character Recognition
  • The ability to navigate through the presentation via clickable thumbnails
  • The ability to take personal time-stamped text notes as you watch the recording and then search those notes. For more information on taking notes, see
  • The ability to participate in discussions that are housed in the viewer

For an overview of the Panopto viewer, see

Embedded Video Viewer

In addition to creating Rich Media versions of recordings, Panopto also has the ability to automatically generate standalone video and audio that can be embedded in websites, Wordpress and Drupal sites, and many other external systems that can host video. Panopto's Embedded Video Viewer now includes features such as variable speed playback, closed captions, the ability to switch streams, PDF support, and notes and discussion tools. If you have questions about how to utilize embed video, contact your Site Administrator.

For an overview of the Embedded Video Viewer, see

Additional Tips for Viewing Panopto Recordings

  • Your instructor or event organizer will provide you with the URLs to your recordings.
  • If Panopto prompts you to log in, choose NetID from the drop down menu and enter your NetID and password.

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Valid to: July 26, 2024