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Peripheral Resources

What are Digital Media Related Peripherals?

Digital media peripherals are hardware devices such as microphones and cameras that hook up to other hardware devices including laptops, DukeCapture appliances, and iPods.  Some of these peripherals may be available to loan from the Link here at Duke.

Types of Peripherals

Web Cams

Important Note For Macintosh Users with built-in cameras. Most of these USB cameras will work with the Macintosh. To use these cameras with Adobe Connect, you will need to use the Camtwist application (free). Click here for more information.

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 - $99.99 (OIT Recommended - available at the Duke Technology Center)

Excellent HD video quality with a built-in microphone.  Mac and Windows compatible.

USB Speaker Phones

Phoenix Duet $125 (OIT Recommended - available at the Duke Technology Center)

Great for a one to two people at a time.  The Duet Executive connects to your computer through a USB interface and can be used as a speakerphone for any computer-based VoIP or communications software. It also connects to your telephone / IP phone / cellular phone through the headset connection to become a multi-service speakerphone. Finally, the executive model can be daisy-chained together with other identical units to provide coverage to larger conference rooms.

Phoenix Quattro - $600

The Quattro3 is a great high quality conferencing speakerphone for medium to large size conference rooms.  The Quattro3 incorporates the latest in digital signal processing and technology including 4 microphones, 4 speakers, 5 echo cancellers, proprietary Beam Forming Array algorithms, Voice Activity Detectors, De-reverb, Steady State Noise Attenuators, and Dynamic Signal Compression, to name a few. 

Jabra Speak 510 - $150

Features both USB and bluetooth connectivity.  For personal use or small conference rooms.

Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e - $170

Users can set up an instant conference room with hands-free, professional audio, an integrated mobile device stand, USB and bluetooth connectivity, NFC pairing, and up to 15 hours of talk time. 

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Wireless Microphones

Wireless microphones can be very useful for presentation/lecture capture, when the presenter requires freedom of movement.

Revolabs Wireless: Revolabs xTag™ Wireless Microphone System Wireless USB Mic - $200

Wireless USB handheld microphone.


Computer Microphones

Some very interesting USB microphones have become available in recent months. They have very good sound quality for the price, and plug directly into a computer's USB port.

Blue Micriophones Snowball - $100

A professional grade USB mic, with dual capsules and three settings (cardioid, cardioid w/-10dB pad & omni); great for podcasting and music recording.

Samson CO1U USB Studio Condenser microphone - $80.00

This is a studio quality microphone for capturing excellent sounding audio recordings with the convenience of USB.  For about $50 more the Samson CO3U is the same microphone adjustable pickup patterns and filter settings.

Shure X2u XLR-USB Signal Adapter - $100

Use your favorite microphones to digitally record wherever and whenever your computer takes you with the X2u XLR-USB Signal Adapter.  The X2u features built-in headphone monitoring with zero latency, and easy controls to balance microphone and playback audio, just plug and play.


USB Headsets

Logitech USB Headset H390 - $39.95 (OIT Recommended - available at the Duke Technology Center)

True stereo style microphones with comfortable earpieces. High quality audio and microphone. Adjustable in-line volume control and mute button is very helpful.

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VGA Splitter 

TV One 1T-VGA-412 1x2 RGBHV Distribution Amplifier - $75.00

The 1x2 RGBHV distribution amplifier accepts VGA signal fom a single PC or other RGB source and distributes it to two sources. The kit comes complete with a 5VDC power adapter and a VGA input cable. Optional rackmount kits are available to house either one or two units.

P/2 DA2xi - $230.00

The Extron P/2 DA2xi allows you to take a VGA signal (typically from a computer) and split it so that the signal goes to two sources, typically a projector and a Lectopia unit.

Document Cameras

SMART Document Camera - $1000

The SMART Document Camera makes it easy to transform any classroom or lecture hall into a spontaneous and interactive learning environment. The SMART Document Camera uses a high-resolution video camera to display clear and detailed images of written material or any physical object in real time. Instructors can also capture images or video and instantly transform them into digital content



Video Production Resources

There are several excellent resources available on campus, from shooting it yourself (using low and no cost options to edit and compress the video offered at various campus venues) to full professional production at Duke Studios, or somewhere in between.

Video Production

Do it Yourself

Videotaping a Class or Presentation

Professional Production for the University and Medical Center


Hand transcription from phone recordings

Captioning Services

  • Rogers Word Service (email, 919-834-0000)
  • CaptionSync (Automatic Sync Technologies)



Video Related Software

What are Media Software Resources?

ITS-related software resources are applications that can assist with digital media-related goals such as computer screen capture, audio editing, network troubleshooting, and video conferencing.

Recording Software

  • DukeCapture Mobile (Panopto) - in addition to automated capture via hardware in select rooms across campus, Duke's official lecture capture system supports software-based capture on both the Mac and PC platforms. You can use DukeCapture Mobile to create learning objects, flip your class, record classes or special events, and enable students to record themselves for assignments among other uses. Capture video plus PPT/ Keynote, screen capture. Additional video/ audio sources are configurable for the PC version.
  • Camtasia Studio - Captures audio, video and screen for Mac and Windows
  • FreeConferenceCall.com - Capture your audio phone conferences as WAV files, free of charge.
  • QuickTime X - Free software included on all Macintosh computers. Will record audio, screen + audio or video and audio.
  • Snapz Pro X - Captures all screen activity and audio on a Mac, or select specific windows to capture.

Digital Media Production and Editing Software

  • Audacity - Great free software for audio editing.
  • Final Cut X - Mid-grade software for editing video, like iMovie on steroids. 
  • Adobe Premiere - Professional grade software for editing video. Supported by Adobe and well integrated into the Adobe Creative Cloud, a suite of production applications including Photoshop (bitmap graphics), Illustrator (vector graphics), and After Effects (animation).
  • Handbrake - Free, open source video editor originally designed and still used for DVD ripping, but also a good tool for re-encoding video files to .mp4/ H.264. Originally for Mac but now also includes a PC version.
  • MPEG Streamclip - Free, open source video editor similar to Handbrake. Both Mac and PC versions.


  • Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder - For connecting live streams to the OIT Wowza (Flash) server
  • Wirecast - Another way to connect to the OIT Wowza server, but adds production tools including transitions, compositing layers, titles, etc.
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