Sites@Duke: Customizing your site

Changing a site’s title and tagline

A site administrator can change the title and tagline of a site. Click Settings, then General to reveal the General Settings options.

Change the blog title and/or tagline in the appropriate boxes and click update. Click on ‘Visit Site’ to see the change take effect:

NOTE: Changing the title of your blog/site will not change the actual web address (the URL). This is set by the system based on your course information. Changing the URL of the site would be destructive to the file system.


Changing a site’s appearance


The appearance of WordPress sites can be changed quickly using by switching themes. Themes make up the graphic design and general layout for your WordPress site.

To change your site’s theme, click Appearance > Themes, and choose to either Preview or Activate a new theme. 

NOTE: Changing themes can also change the style of your text and the overall layout of your site. It’s always a good idea to write down any custom features (custom CSS, widgets, plugin info) that you’ve added to your site before changing themes.

For more info:


Widgets and Sidebars

In order to view your widgets and sidebars, please go to the Plugin menu first and activate the Classic Widgets plugin

You may want to include a items in your sidebar which, depending on your theme, generally appears to the right or left of your main content. By adding different “widgets,” you can add links, search boxes, navigational elements and more to your site.

NOTE: You will need to go to plugins and activate Classic Widgets in order to make your customizations in most themes.


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