Reporting Call Center Repairs

ACD's or "Call Centers" are complex customizable voice solutions used to queue calls and report both live and historical caller and agent activity. Below are some common troubles along with a list of questions to ask when gathering information to submit a trouble ticket. Submit ticket to Service Now queue (Telcom-Engineering-OIT)

Required Information

  • Ten-digit telephone number callers dial to reach call center (i.e. 919-684-8111)
  • Name of the Call Center (i.e. Duke Operators)
  • Normal hours of operation (i.e. M-F 8am to 5:00pm)
  • Is this an urgent repair (normal business hours - NO calls getting through)?
  • Are callers able to reach the main greeting during normal business hours? (y/n)
  • Are ACD agents able to log-in to their phones and receive calls from the ACD queue? (y/n) Also provide phone number agents are using to log into Finesse with
  • Currently, are any ACD agents logged-into the skill group (SG) and are they in a "Ready" state on their Finesse screen? (y/n)
  • Have you checked the Emergency Open/Close application to ensure it has not been envoked? (y/n)
  • Please note any other error codes, announcements or recorded greetings callers are hearing
  • Contact name and call back number of person reporting trouble


Q: Callers are unable to reach an agent during normal business hours.

A: This can be many things:

  • No agents are logged into the system. (At least one agent must be logged in in order to take calls)
  • Agents are logged-in to the system but in a "Not-Ready" state. Agents must be in a "ready" state in order to take calls
  • Emergency Open/Close application may have been envoked forwarding calls to either a pre-determined destination or customizable announcement that the supervisor controls.

Q: I'm unable to log-in to Finesse (Cisco agent log-in application)

A: University ACD agents access Finesse via this URL: Health System agents access Finesse via their PIN account. DHTS has to provision access to Finesse in order for agents to log-in.

Q:How do I request agent log-in access to Finesse (Cisco agent log-in application).

A: If you are a Health System employee and use a PIN account, you will need to submit a TASK to the Account Management-DHTS queue in Service Now to have the employee’s NetID added to the Citrix_Finesse_Usergroup

  • Example:Please add NetID (js123) to the Citrix_Finesse_Usergroup

Once that TASK has been completed, please re-assign TASK to Telecom-Engineering-OIT to have the employee added to the Finesse system and include the following information:

  • Provide end users cost center in order to add a new ACD agent log-in credentials(new employee/position)
  • If the new employee is replacing an existing team member, please provide the existing agent's name and (NetID) so that they can be removed from the team. The “cost center” is not required for a re-assignment 
  • Provide an example of an existing employee’s credentials so that OIT can mirror their access
Article Number: KB0025189