Guide to Ordering Phone Services

Ordering New Phone Services

When placing a request for telephone service please include the following information before forwarding the ticket to Service Now queue "Telecom-Voice-OIT". There is no upfront expense associated with the installation of a new phone, number or voice mail box. Departments simply pay the current monthly allocated expense associated with the new number.

The request will be reviewed to ensure that the information below is included. If the information is not complete, OIT may return the ticket to the individual submitting the request to gather the remaining information.

  • Users name and contact number requesting service
  • Department requesting service
  • Building, floor and room number where service is to be installed
  • Type of service being requested (i.e. digital/analog)
  • Name to display for internal caller ID purposes
  • Voice mail service (y/n)
  • Wall mount (y/n)
  • On-site contact name and phone number for technician to coordinate installation
  • Departmental cost center
  • Requested installation date/time

Telephone Moves

OIT encourages departments to relocate their own VoIP phones as needed. Users can simply unplug and re-connect any Cisco VoIP phone, move to their new space and re-connect to any active data jack. The phone numbers will follow the devices. The only exceptions are analog lines such as FAX’s and or older single line phones (not labeled with Cisco logo) and wall mounted phones. These are hard wired and must be physically relocated by and OIT technician. There is no charge to relocate these hard wired devices.

You will need to submit a separate request with a list of the analog lines that need to be moved and provide the following information:

  • List of all analog lines and or wall mounted phones that will need to be relocated by an OIT technician
  • Building, floor and room number where phones are located now and where they will move to
  • Specify date & time that these lines will need to be relocated so that OIT can schedule technician time to perform the work
  • On-site departmental contact name and phone number for technician to coordinate moves

Lead Times

Normal lead time to process a typical telephone request is (5-7) business days from complete order submission, but can be more based on the complexity of the request and outside vendor timelines.

Expedite Requests

Order requests can be expedited depending on availability of required equipment and technician time required to complete work. OIT will charge a $ 200.00 expedite fee for all expedited orders requiring completion prior to the standard (5-7) business day turn around time.

Projects/Enhanced Voice Services

Large projects and enhanced voice services such as; Automated Attendants, ACD's, toll free numbers, Wi-Fi phones, changing or re-recording existing announcements and ordering conference phones are exempt from the standard (5-7) business day turn around period. These are customized services and require additional time to complete and may require external vendor assistance and end user training.

Article number: KB0025159

Valid to: October 23, 2024