Ultimaker - Bed Repair

Ultimaker 2 Heated Bed Repair - To change out the heated bed, you will need your 2mm Allen key, a pair of pliers or a nut driver, and a flat head screw driver.

  1. Take the left cable cover off. This is held on by 2 8mm screws, one on the left side panel, and one on the back panel.
  2. Raise the bed, and carefully lay the printer on it's back (this will not harm the feeder). Take the electronics cover off. This is held on by 2 12mm screws and 2 nylon nuts. The 2mm allen key will fit in the screw holes, and you will need to hold the nylon nuts on the underside with a pair of pliers or nut driver.
  3. Unplug the flat braided cable plugged into EXP1 and EXP2 on the board, and the black TEMP 3 wire. You can also unplug the rest of the cables as well (but you don't have to). 4 25mm screws hold on the electronics board (as well as 4 10mm spacers). These can all be accessed from the inside of the machine with your 2mm allen key.
  4. After you unscrew the board from the printer, take a look at the green block. There will either be flat screw heads on top of the block, or an orange piece. If it's silver screw heads, unscrew the to spots that say "Heated Bed" and take out the brown and blue wires. If the green block has orange on top, simply press down on it with a flat head screwdriver to release the springs holding the wires in place. Pull the bed wire back out through in the inside of the printer.
  5. Carefully stand the printer up so you don't crush the board. I'd recommend putting piece of cardboard underneath the bed and pushing the bed towards the bottom of the printer. Unscrew the black clip holding the bed wire, and the 3 countersunk screws holding the bed onto the plate. Remove bed.
  6. Place new bed on plate and screw front screws until springs are about midway tight. Screw back screw until the block on the underside of the bed is almost, but not quite touching the plate. Secure the cable with the cable clip by screwing it back down and then thread it into the hole with all of the other wires.
  7. Plug the electronics board back together, and make sure the bed wires are secure where it says "Heated Bed." Screw the board back on with the 10mm spacers between the board and the bottom of the printer (this is easiest if you do the bottom two screws first). Then replace the cable cover and electronics cover.
Article Number: KB0023375