Distributing Mobile Phone Charges to Cost Centers

Once you've set up your online invoices for automatic payment on your p-card, you can distribute charges to individual cost centers for the total expense associated with each mobile number on your account. For small accounts, you may wish to simply submit JVs to distribute charges. For larger accounts, you can prepare a file that can then be uploaded to SAP/R3. 

Both AT&T Premier and Verizon Enterprise Center (VEC) allow you to associate a cost center with a mobile number. By running an invoice report out of Premier or VEC, you can create a file to distribute charges to individual cost centers via SAP/R3. R3 will automatically generate journal vouchers (JVs) to each cost center.

-Downloading a report from Verizon Enterprise Center

You can download a report of your invoice from Verizon Enterprise Center. Open the file in Excel.

IMPORTANT! VEC is only supported in Windows Internet Explorer (IE). If you are a Mac user and don't have IE, use Safari. VEC does not function correctly in Firefox.

-Export a file from AT&T Premier

You can export a file of your invoice from AT&T Premier. Open the file in Excel.

-Importing mobile charges into SAP/R3

Duke Financial Services provides a step-by-step guide for creating journal entries in SAP R/3. See the Journal Entry Advanced Guide and select item 3, Initiate a Journal Entry from the Excel JV Upload. The file will download (pdf format). Open the file and follow the instructions to create a file suitable for upload. If you have questions, contact Accounting Systems Administration at AcctgSysAdmin@duke.edu or 919-684-2752.


Article Number: KB0023202