VOIP: Conferencing with Duke IP phones

You can establish a telephone audio conference by using your Duke Cisco IP Phone (see instructions below) or, for full-featured audio conferencing with online conferencing options, use WebEx Meeting.

Audio conferencing from a Duke (Cisco IP) phone

Duke's phone system allows you to set up a free conference call for up to 10 parties using your phone's menus and buttons. To establish a conference call, do the following:

  1. Dial the first party.
  2. Once connected, select More. (More appears in the display. To select this option, press the corresponding button below the display.)
  3. Select CONFRN (Conference).
  4. Dial the next party.
  5. Once connected, press CONFRN. All parties are connected.

To add additional parties, repeat steps 3 - 5.


For complete phone instructions, see Using Your Phone.

If you are an existing or new customer with a VoIP phone and wish to upgrade the device, and need further assistance, contact the OIT Service Desk - 919 684 2200 or visit oit.duke.edu/help.

Article Number: KB0022853