Requesting an Alumni Email account

Request an Alumni Email Account
Alumni that still have NetID access:
We are launching a new way for alumni to continue to access Duke services, including the new alumni email service, the revamped Duke Alumni Network, library resources and DukeHub (including transcript requests). This new access is called Duke OneLink.
Setting up Duke OneLink is simple (about 2 minutes) and will allow you to create a Duke-specific login or use your Google+, Facebook or LinkedIn Account.  Follow the unique link below to set up Duke OneLink.
OneLink Setup
After you successfully set up Duke OneLink, you will be directed to a site to activate your new alumni email account (  If you have questions or problems setting up Duke OneLink, please call the OIT Service Desk at 919-684-2200.
Please note: It may take up to six hours for your account to be created and configured. If you are unable to access your account after that time, please contact the OIT Service Desk at 919-684-2200.
Alumni that do not have NetID access:
You will have access through OneLink services. If you have not registered for OneLink yet, follow the below link to set up your OneLink account. 
If you previously requested a Lifetime Forwarding Service address (, you can make changes to your forwarding address by visiting the below link and click on "Alumni Email Setup". You will find additional Alumni links on this page also.  or (direct link to Alumni Email setup)
If you need further assistance contact the OIT Service Desk at 919-684-2200.

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