Adding or uploading files to Box via email

  • Log into your Duke Box account (
  • Create a new folder, then enter the folder. (NOTE: You can also enter an existing folder.)

  • Then go to   and click Settings

  • Scroll down to the src="" section and select the "Allow uploads to this folder via email" option. A unique email address will be generated for the folder.

  • Click Save Changes to apply settings


  • Upload via email only works for file attachments, the body of the email will not be uploaded to Box.
  • The cumulative size of the attachments cannot exceed 80 MB (or 25 MB when sending from your Duke email account).
  • The folder owner and sender will receive a notification that files were uploaded successfully.
  • Collaborators will also receive a notification if upload notifications are enabled for the folder.

If you need further assistance, contact your local IT support group/person

For more help with please see KB0016658 


You can also contact your appropriate Service Desk:
University Users: OIT Service Desk - 919 684 2200
Duke Medicine Users: DHTS Service Desk - 919 684 2243



Article Number: KB0018465