How to register a YubiKey with Duo for MFA

You can use a YubiKey -- a USB hardware token -- to generate passcodes to authenticate online. To register a YubiKey, do the following:

  1. Log in to the multi-factor authentication site
  2. Under Manage Duo Devices select Register Device with Duo. The Add device screen appears.
  3. In the Select type list, select Yubikey, This will take you to the page "Register your hardware token (YubiKey)"
  4. The "Register your hardware token (YubiKey)" page contains a detailed outline of what you will do to register your YubiKey with Duo for MFA.

For assistance, contact your local IT support or:

OIT Service Desk: 919 684 2200
DHTS Service Desk: 919 684 2243

Article number: KB0018284

Valid to: January 3, 2025