Embedding Warpwire Media Files in Sakai


  1. Log in to your Sakai site.
  2. Browse to any of the content areas in Sakai that utilize the CKEditor (the CKEditor is shown in the image below). Content areas include Announcements, Assignments, Forum, Schedule, and Syllabus. Click on the Warpwire icon (a "W").

    A popup window will appear showing the list of files in the Warpwire Media Library corresponding to the Sakai course you are currently viewing.
  3. Select the media you wish to embed. To do this, click the circle to the right of the file names. You can select multiple files.
  4. When you are done, at the bottom of the Warpwire popup window, click "Add items to LMS."
  5. Save your announcement or other Sakai content to publish your file/s.

For a video tutorial demonstrating this process, see https://www.warpwire.com/support/videos/warpwire-in-sakai/



Article Number: KB0017609