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  1. Introduction to your personal directory (Shared, Private, Sync, and Sensitive Data)
  2. Home folder information
  3. Using Box Abroad
  4. Adding additional email addresses to your Duke Box account
  5. Uploading and downloading files
  6. Box Upload Widget Error When Uploading duplicate files
  7. How to set email preferences at folder level
  8. How to see access information on a file
  9. Adding or uploading files to Box via email
  10. Using Comments and Tasks
  11. Tracking and managing documents (versioning)
  12. Not Receiving Email Notifications
  13. How to Set E-mail Preferences at folder level
  14. Supported Web Browsers
  15. and Office 365 online or browser.
  16. Inviting Collaborators
  17. Managing collaborators
  18. collaboration issues involving email addresses and possible duplicate Box accounts
  19. Sharing with Links
  20. Change Access to a Shared Link
  21. Box Notes Desktop for Mac
  22. Quota Increase
  23. Create a group folder for departments using Toolkits
  24. How to Transfer Folders You Own into a Toolkits folder
  25. How to Save Data After the Folder owner leaves Duke
  26. Transferring ownership of content to another Box user
  27. Transferring Ownership of Folders
  28. Transferring Duke Enterprise Box Account to your Personal Account for Alumni
  29. Box: What is Box Drive?
  30. Installing Box Drive
  31. Uninstall Box Sync Manually
  32. Troubleshooting Box Drive
  33. Box App for iPhone, iPad, iPod
  34. Disabled by Administrator Error on a mobile device
  35. Apps
  36. Requesting a Box App
  37. Application Request
  38. Connecting with WebDAV
  39. Escalation Procedures

Note: Box Sync, as mentioned in the articles below, is being phased out by Box. We recommend using Box Drive. 

  1. Box Sync Overview
  2. Box Sync for Mac
  3. Duke Health Box Sync Overview *
  4. Shibboleth error when setting up Box Sync (multiple platforms)


Article Number: KB0016658