Introduction to your personal directory (Shared, Private, Sync, and Sensitive Data)



Welcome to the Duke service.


Duke has an agreement for the enterprise version of for cloud storage and content collaboration for the Duke Higher Education community (University and Health System involved in teaching, education, research or administration of higher education.)

The first time you access your Duke account, you will see your home folder entitled Home folder <netid> (for example, "Home Folder jdoe") as well as a Read Me folder with detailed information about your Duke Box account. These appear in your "All Files" view. To begin using, click the Home Folder and you will be presented with several additional folders - Sharing, Private, and Sync. These folders serve as a suggested file structure. It is in this view that you can create, upload, organize, and modify files and folders to meet your needs.  

You can use this folder to collaborate with others, including users not associated with Duke. You can share links to specific documents and create subfolders which can be used to collaborate on tasks and projects. Please note that by default contents in this folder are not shared. This is illustrated visually by the yellow color of the folder. But as you add collaborators, the color of the folder changes to blue. You can collaborate over the long-term or create shared links for short-term or one-time events. See this video for an overview of sharing files and folders with collaborators.
You can use this folder for storing content that you do not wish to share with others. You can store documents, images, files, audio, and video files in this folder. As long as you do not share the contents of this folder, it will remain yellow. Be aware that there are no technical limitations that restrict you from sharing items in this folder but when any of the content is shared, the folder changes from yellow to blue. 

In the past, users have synced data with box sync.  Duke recommends Box Drive instead.

For more information on Box Drive:

This folder is unique to the Duke Medicine User community and is intended for the exchange of data classified as "Sensitive". Users should always follow the Duke Organizational guidelines for the handling of sensitive information. Items in this folder should not remain longer than 30 days.  
These folders provide you some structure for how you can use your Box storage. You can also create additional folders as you become more comfortable with this service. If you have any questions when using the Duke Box service, keep in mind you have several ways to get help:
  • The Box service provides many Help documents that are just a click away. On every page is a link to Help. 


Please note that Box is not intended as a primary data back-up repository. Box storage is intended for data that is regularly accessed and used. 
For more help with please click KB0016658
Please click on KB0016669 for escalation procedures

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Valid to: October 20, 2024