VPN: AnyConnect VPN fails on Mac with Back to my Mac enabled


Cisco ASA AnyConnect VPN fails to connect. User sees two connections, and then a error box. "Failed to establish a connection to the specified gateway" AnyConnect VPN fails on Mac with MobileMe Back to my Mac enabled

VPN connectivity failure on Mac when MobileMe "Back to my Mac" is enabled.


Problem occurs for MobileMe users with "Back to my Mac" enabled. Both MobileMe "Back to my Mac" and Cisco AnyConnect insist on using a virtual adapter with the same name "utun0". Neither application is capable of creating a secondary interface for example "utun1". Since MobileMe initiates when the computer boots, it always grabs the utun0 interface first, causing Cisco AnyConnect to fail.


In order to use AnyConnect for the purposes connecting to the University VPN, you must turn off Back to my Mac before you connect to the VPN. Once VPN is disconnected, you may re-enable Back to my Mac.  These settings are found within the Mac's System Preferences, enter either iCloud or the MobileMe settings (whichever service the customer subscribes to) and disable Back to my Mac

Back to My Mac is a remote desktop access feature of Apple computers running Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or newer. Back to My Mac allows you to connect to a Mac computer on your home network from outside, while at work or traveling.

Article number: KB0014715

Valid to: June 13, 2025