Instructions for installation of SAPgui 7.4 and Kerberos for Windows

SAPgui 7.4 and Kerberos for Windows

The DukeSAPgui740p12 and AuthenticLogin installers will remove any previously installed versions.

If you are upgrading an existing installation to Patch 12, reinstalling AuthenticLogin is NOT required.

Before you begin

  • As with most software installations, it is best to turn off virus protection and close other running programs.
  • You should be logged on to the workstation with full access rights. Many machines are set up so that only an administrative user can install new applications.
  • Download the DukeSAPgui740p12 and the AuthenticLogin intallers from the OIT Site License Web site

Installing DukeSAPgui

  1. Launch DukeSAPgui740p12.exe. Choose the Duke University Package and Click Next when prompted to continue.
  2. The package will take a few moments to execute. Click Done when prompted.
  3. Screenshots of the process are below.

Installing Authentic login

  1. Launch AuthenticLogin.msi installation program. Click yes/next through all prompts until complete.
  2. Screenshots of the process are below.

Your new AuthenticLogin icon looks like this:


You have successfully installed or upgraded your SAPgui and AuthenticLogin software. First-time users should read this for initial setup.

**NOTE: If you are NOT on the Duke, Dukeblue or DukeOpen Network you have to connect to Duke VPN using Cisco AnyConnect ( to access SAP GUI or SAP Remote Apps**

DukeSAPgui screenshots

  1. Launch DukeSAPgui740p12.exe to upgrade your SAPgui to 7.4.
  2. Click Yes.
  3. Click Next
  4. Choose the Duke University Package and click Next.
  5. Click close. You've successfully installed or upgraded SAPgui.

Installing Authentic login screenshots

  1. Launch AuthenticLogin.msi
  2. Click Yes, answer yes to any subsequent prompts.

Need help?

  • Duke University employees should call the OIT Service Desk at 684-2200.
  • Duke University Health System employees should call the DHTS HelpDesk at 684-2243.

Tell them you are having problems with the installation of SAPgui for Windows.

Article Number: KB0023210