Adobe Sign: General Information and License Restrictions


License Information and Restrictions

  • Location Restrictions: None
  • Hardware Restrictions: None
  • Affiliation Restrictions: Duke Students, Alumni, and Affiliates are not allowed/authorized to use this software under the Duke license.


Usage restrictions and best practices

  • Adobe Sign at Duke should only be used using Duke credentials. Users should not sign/author anything for Duke with a personal Adobe Sign account purchased directly from the vendor or otherwise obtained outside of the Enterprise Agreement.
  • Users should ensure that departments are willing to participate in e-signature for multi-departmental documents.
  • Individual users and departments should follow the same document storage procedures/guidelines already in place within their individual departments for signed paper documents. We recommend using the current Duke-approved storage methods for the storage of forms and signed documents (Adobe Sign, Box, departmental drives etc.) already in place.
  • Document retention policies should remain the same and it would be the department’s responsibility to retain electronic copies like paper.
  • Duke IT Security Office recommends the use of VPN while using Adobe Sign from an off-Campus location.


It is recommended that Adobe Sign should not be used in the following circumstances:


  • Used with Protected Health Information (PHI) or other data of an extremely sensitive nature 
  • Used in conjunction with PCI/Credit card information/financial account numbers 
  • Used with forms containing social security numbers
  • Used when a user does not have appropriate signing authority
  • Used for approvals and signatures related to legally binding contracts or agreements between Duke university and external parties unless otherwise authorized to do so





Article Number: KB0028782