Adding your DukeCard to Your Android Device

Open the Blackboard eAccounts Mobile app on your Android device. You will be asked for your NetID and password, and then to complete Multifactor Authentication during login.  You must log-in and complete MFA authentication each time you need to present your DukeCard on your Android device.


To add your credential to your device:

  • Flip through the 3 opening screens.
  • Click the “Get Started” link.
  • Search the list of universities and institutions until you find Duke University; select Duke University, then eAccounts Portal. Continue to sign-in.
  • Log into eAccounts with your NetID and password then complete Multifactor Authentication.
  • On the next screen, press OK to Download Campus ID to eAccounts.
    • If you are moving your credential from another device, you will be asked if you want to revoke your ID on the previous device. Choose “Yes”.
  • The default access mode is Automatic; do not change this setting

You should see your DukeCard image, name and affiliation (e.g. faculty, staff, student, etc.), and issue/expire dates on your DukeCard Campus ID. Tap the information icon in the top right corner to view the card back where you will see the last 4 digits of your mobile credential card number and Terms & Conditions.

Close your Campus ID.  Within the eAccounts app, you will see your account balances and board plans (students only). Tap any account to see account balance and transaction activity.  Tap the picture icon in upper left corner to see how your card appears on your device.  

To use your DukeCard on your Android device your phone screen must be awake.  Hold the middle of the phone near the top of the reader.

If any information on your DukeCard on your Android device does not appear correctly, contact the OIT Service Desk at (919) 684-2200 or visit the Service Desk Help Page to chat with a representative or submit a ticket.


Article Number: KB0030407