Feature Request Form

The Sites@Duke Express team reviews feature requests to assess compatibility with system and security requirements. You will be notified of a decision within 2-4 weeks of your request and, in the case of approved requests, will be provided a timeline for implementation. Feature suggestions are reviewed for fit within the following criteria:

  • Technical fit, security, and stability – including active support by creators, compatibility with the current version of WordPress, and multisite compatibility
  • Ability to be used by individual site owners without providing back-end or SFTP access
  • Provides unique functionality not already available through existing tools
  • Benefit to the overall Sites Express user community
  • Ability to make the feature available to all Sites Express users at little or no cost (note: premium or paid themes and plugins are not compatible with Sites Express)
Please enter your Duke NetID. If you do not have a Duke NetID, enter your full name.
Description of the requested feature or need to be addressed. How you plan to use this feature. How it will benefit the Sites@Duke community. A specific theme or plugin, if applicable
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