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Can we leverage Google's technology to improve mental health? A Conversation with Megan Jones Bell


Megan Jones Bell, Ph.D.

Google's ecosystem touches so many areas of our lives. Can we leverage this technology to improve mental health? Dr. Megan Jones Bell is clinical director of consumer and mental health at Google. She was formerly chief strategy and science officer at Headspace and helped guide Headspace through its transformation from a meditation app into a comprehensive digital mental health platform, Headspace Health. Megan founded one of the first digital mental health start-ups, Lantern, where she pioneered blended mental health interventions leveraging software and coaching. Megan started her career at Stanford University where she was an assistant professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. At Stanford and in her work with the European Union Megan developed and disseminated over two dozen evidence-based digital mental health interventions and conducted research in the US, Europe, India, and Brazil. Megan clinically specializes in the treatment of adolescents and young adults and serves on the Board of the Child Mind Institute. Hosted by Dr. Murali Doraiswamy (Psychiatry and Medicine at Duke University) and Thomas Szigethy, MA (Associate Dean of Students and Director of Duke Wellness)


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