Web and Applications


Build an interactive website. Develop a departmental app. Tap into Duke's databases.

OIT has tools to do-it-yourself, or you can hire experts on-campus to make your vision reality. Services include:
  • Web Accessibility - Understanding, tools, and consultation.
  • Self Publishing Websites - Get do-it-yourself web publishing platforms for Duke faculty, staff, and students.
  • Website Hosting - You have several options for web hosting at Duke from self publishing sites to virtual hosting for larger departmental sites.
  • DukeMobile - All the best information about Duke is at your fingertips.
  • Research Toolkits - Faculty researchers have access to Research Toolkits, a pilot service that gives self-service on-demand access to short-term Virtual Machine (VM) environments and scratch storage free of charge.
  • Developer Tools - Tap into a code repository at Gitlab and get help with data streams and Application Program Interface (APIs) using our in-house tool, Streamer.
  • Innovation Co-Lab - The creativity incubator that connects student with the human and technological resources.
  • Enterprise Web Applications - Creating sites and applications that integrate with IT systems on campus