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Year in Review 2010-11

Five years ago, university-wide working groups developed a strategic plan for information technology at Duke that included three primary goals:

  • Provide an enabling technology infrastructure for ubiquitous and convenient access to computing and communications capabilities, facilitating the daily work of faculty, students and staff.
  • Extend our effectiveness in our distributed environment by facilitating collaboration among departments and, in critical areas, between departments and the central IT infrastructure.
  • Enrich the teaching, learning and research environment at Duke by providing faculty and students with IT resources and services that are easy to use, well-matched to their needs, and contribute effectively to the achievement of Duke's institutional goals.

Below are some of the key accomplishments that illustrate the Office of Information Technology's efforts in fiscal year 2010-11 in support of the university's progress toward these strategic goals.

Provide enabling technology infrastructure

  • New guest network deployed to provide a seamless campus experience for visitors
  • Text-messaging system expanded as part of ongoing efforts to improve emergency communications
  • OIT tracks a range of measurements to monitor and evaluate the performance of our systems. Metrics on some of our most visital and highly utilized services for FY 2010-11 indicate that OIT has met or exceeded its availability targets for email, telephony and paging.
  • Based on monthly customer satisfaction surveys, the OIT Service Desk has consistently met or exceeded industry standards in courtesy, skills and knowledge, timeliness and quality of response for FY 2010-11.
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Extend effectiveness in a secure distributed environment

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Enrich Duke's teaching, learning and research environment

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