Technology Training Policies

Participant Guidelines for Free Training Seminars

  • In order for us to meet the demand for our training seminars, we ask that you register only for the number of seminars that you can reasonably plan to attend.
  • If you are unable to attend a seminar, we ask that you cancel your registration online as soon as possible.  Except for times of emergency, please cancel at least 48 hours prior to the seminar, so that others may attend.
  • In order for us to start the seminar on time, we ask that all participants arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of the seminar.
  • To be respectful of everyone's time, trainers are asked to begin each seminar on time.  If you find that you are running a few minutes late, we encourage you to join in on the session if there is an available seat.  Our trainers reserve the right to pair you up with another attendee or to ask you to just observe the seminar if any activity is in progress.  To enable you to get the most out of the training session, we would encourage those running 10 or more minutes late to sign up for a future seminar offering.
  • If none of the registered participants arrive within 20 minutes of the scheduled start time, the seminar is automatically canceled & a sign will be placed on the door.
  • For popular sessions, we maintain a wait list in order to maximize the participation of all those wishing to attend.  For this reason, please be aware that wait-listed participants are invited to occupy any seats that remain available at the scheduled seminar start time.  Late arrivers are welcome to participate, but we cannot hold seats for persons arriving late. (See wait list policy).

Cancellation Policy

  • If unable to attend a seminar, participants are asked to cancel their registration at least 48 hours prior to the seminar, so that others may attend.
  • OIT Training will make ever effort to contact you via e-mail should a cancellation arise.  Cancellations may occur if we have low registration (5 or less), lab or software issues. Should a last minute emergency arise (such as trainer illness), we will e-mail you. (NOTE: All e-mail messages will be sent to the account that you provided upon registation.  You may update this e-mail address in our registration system at any time.)
  • If Duke University closes university-wide for any emergency, such as weather, our seminars are automatically canceled for that day or evening.

Wait List Policy

Wait lists are maintained for full seminars. If a seminar is full, you are encouraged to register so that you will be added to the seminar wait list.  If a seat becomes available due to cancellation, our registration system will automatically notify you of your confirmed registration status.

Why wait list?  

  • If you remain on the wait list at the time of the seminar, we encourage you to show up to the classroom at the time and location listed in the registration system.  If a seat which was reserved for a confirmed participant remains available at the seminar start time, our trainers will seat participants on a first come, first serve basis.
  • In order to provide the best in-class experience, we will limit seating in each of locations we reserve.
  • Consistently large registrations help us determine popular seminars.  We use this information for future planning and may add additional sections during the same semester pending lab and trainer availability.