Duke grad used Co-Lab to help solve mystery of a sunken Civil War submarine

August 24, 2017

A Duke University researcher studied why the Confederate combat submarine HL Hunley and its crew vanished after sinking a Union battleship in 1864.

Behind the Numbers: Spam Email and Service Requests  

July 26, 2017

Duke's OIT fields 83,000 service requests, blocks 1.3-billion spam and virus messages in 2016

The Future of Work

July 19, 2017

Job roles evolve as nature of work changes at Duke

Mitch Greene stands in front of a wall of 3D printers at TEC

The Future of Work

July 19, 2017

An intricate replica of a child’s heart emerges from a machine about the size of a MINI car in a corner of Duke’s Innovation Co-Lab on West Campus. 

Switch to ‘Dukeblue’ Wireless Network

July 10, 2017

Current 'Duke' network will be turned off Aug. 1; University campus should use ‘Dukeblue’ network

Duke student checks his cell phone for a signal outside

Switch to Dukeblue wireless network

July 10, 2017

Current 'Duke' network will be turned off Aug. 1; University campus should use ‘Dukeblue’ network.

An oit student coaches another student at TEC

University staff TechFair July 26

July 10, 2017

OIT will hold a TechFair event for university staff on July 26 from 1-4 p.m. at the Technology Engagement Center (TEC). The event will offer hands on tech demos, set-up stations, food and prizes. Drop in to see what Duke OIT has to offer. 

A student escalates stairs at Duke University

MOOCS offer learners emotional growth not just facts

July 5, 2017

Millions of people around the world have enrolled in massive open online courses (MOOCs), attracted by their promise of low-cost education for career advancement or gaining knowledge.

A woman uses a VR headset at the Bolt

Immerse Yourself in Virtual Reality on the Quad

June 21, 2017

The virtual reality headset looked like something out of a science fiction film. It was tethered by a long cable to a glass-encased PC, which in turn was connected to thick hoses filled with glowing blue coolant. I slipped the mask over my head and was literally transported to another world.

Developing opportunities word graphic

How Duke transformed its IT department

June 16, 2017

Senior automation engineer, Chris Collins speaks to about how OIT harnessed the power of "virtual machine" containers to power its systems from web hosting to storage.