News Tip: Facebook Changes May Help Limit Spread of Fake News, Expert Says

January 12, 2018

Facebook is changing its news feed algorithm to favor family and friends over brand posts in dealing with criticism over election, changing how it works as a news source.

“I think one of the lessons of the 2016 election was that the dynamics of how we get information about our friends and family probably shouldn’t be same as the dynamics of how we consume news. These platforms were never built with journalism in mind," says Duke’s Sanford School of Public Policy professor Philip Napoli.

Widespread Phishing Attack Reported by Duke's IT Security Office

January 12, 2018
Gray 3d printed vehicle with screen monitor mounted on top,.

Students 3D print robotic vehicle for police stops

January 4, 2018

Duke University students use 3D printing to create robotic vehicle designed to keep police officers and civilians safe.

OITs Barbara Puccio teachers a class in front of a presentation screen.

10 Topics Offered in Free 'Learn IT' Series

January 3, 2018

Learn about technology in a relaxed lunch environment

Dr. Alice Wang holds a 3D printed heart in front of a speclialized 3D printer

How 3-D Printing is Changing Surgical Care at Duke

December 21, 2017

Custom-made models help doctors plan and practice surgeries before entering the operating room.

Jane O'Briant checks her email in her Duke office.

The Story Behind Your Email Address

December 18, 2017

The quirky addresses scattered around Duke highlight the evolution of its email system.

5 Holiday Crime Prevention Tips

December 12, 2017

Duke experts offer advice on how to shop safely, travel smart and protect yourself

duke research computing director dances on campus

Duke Research Computing's parody video

December 11, 2017

Duke Research Computing releases its annual holiday parody video to promote its poster session for the Duke Research Computing Symposium. Remember that scene from Love Actually? Dr. Mark DeLong reenacts.

Duke staff display social media campaign on screen during LearnIT@Lunch

How to Build Your Professional Brand

December 6, 2017

Choosing the right network for you and creating your own personal webpage are some pointers suggested by Duke experts

Generic image of lock and IT security images such as email icons etc.

Apple security fix available

November 29, 2017

A serious MacOS security flaw was made public and Apple has now released a fix for the probme. The bug allows an attacker with physical access to a Mac, or who can connect to a Mac with Scree