Lights, Camera, Register! TechExpo2021 kicks off this Friday

TechExpo 2021 logo

The show MUST go on!

The Duke IT community’s most exciting event of the year, TechExpo2021, will take place virtually from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday, March 19, 2021.

Those who wish to attend can RSVP on TechExpo’s website to receive a Zoom invitation. Attendees have until Thursday at 5 p.m. to register.

The theme “the show must go on” is a playful nod to the efforts of IT professionals to demonstrate that IT services are available during this pandemic, no matter what “tomatoes” are thrown our way, said Quincy Garbutt, Lisa Smith, and Peggy Walters, the TechExpo committee chairs. TechExpo2020 was cancelled last year due to COVID and the uncertainty of the pandemic did not allow ample time for virtual event planning.

Always a popular event, in the past, TechExpo was held as a luncheon at the Washington Duke.

 In 2019, the theme was “Back To the Future” with DeLorean’s, the famed vehicle from the film, as a main attraction. Prior themes included “Conquer Your Fears,”  “TechExpo X,” and “Everyday SuperHero.”  In this year’s expo on Zoom, participants can introduce their pets in a meet and greet format or partake in a costume contest, where they dress as a celebrity or movie character. 

You can follow the latest on TechExpo on Twitter @DukeTechExpo.

Some exciting sessions in this year’s symposium include “BlueDevilDev’s Birds of a Feather,” which features an informal discussion on matters related to the work of software development and devops teams across the University and Health System. Another key session is “Building Connections and Breaking Down Silos – Duke Analytics Community” which is designed to create a space for analysts across Duke to collaborate and share best practices with each other.

TechExpo remains well admired among all Duke IT staff, and many are saddened that we cannot congregate in person as we have in past years. Nonetheless, the committee persevered  and worked to create a virtual experience that has lived up to the expectations of past years. The committee considered pandemic and safety concerns, as well as technical plans, software licensing budgets, vendors, and prize logistics to create a successful virtual format. Given the virtual nature of this year’s symposium, the Prize Wheel will be replaced with The Prize Match Game with the same exciting variety as the Prize Wheel.

Although the format has changed, existing technologies and innovation are able to replicate the same allure of past TechExpos. While many may be saddened that we are unable to have in-person camaraderie, the virtual event is sure to live up to the excitement of former TechExpos.

By Chelsea Jubitana, OIT Communications Intern