Alert Sakai Users with Panopto to Zoom Integration

Feb. 17, 2022

OIT has identified an issue with the Sakai integration with Panopto for Zoom. This primarily affects those who teach courses using Zoom that have been scheduled through Sakai.

All future Zoom recordings that use the Personal Meeting ID (PMI) option may be unintentionally accessible by course participants. See image below.

The issue is currently being investigated. You are advised NOT to select the ‘Use Personal Meeting ID’ option when scheduling a Zoom meeting in Sakai. 

If you did select ‘Use your Personal Meeting ID,’ then it is recommended that you check the Panopto course folders associated with your Sakai sites to make sure recordings were not placed there. 

Zoom PMI option screen shot











This affects Sakai users who: 

  1. Have Zoom LTI enabled for their Sakai course 
  1. Have Panopto LTI enabled for the same course 
  1. Schedule Zoom meetings in Sakai and check the Use Personal Meeting ID option 
  1. Choose to record their meeting to the cloud