Matt Perault: Internet Freedom 10 Years In

January 21, 2020

Sanford Podcast: Getting Artificial Intelligence Right, for Everyone

January 9, 2020

J. Zhanna Malekos Smith: Finding Humanity In The Great Power Competition For Artificial Intelligence

December 16, 2019


Matt Perault: Four Ways to Fix Social Media's Political Ads Problem -- Without Banning Them

November 18, 2019

Rent a GoPro Camera and Other Tech for Free

October 29, 2019

OIT loans technology at no cost to Duke community members

Student-Created Music App “Vibe” Set to Connect Friends Through Music

October 25, 2019

Duke Online Courses Helping Togo's First Digital School Succeed

October 24, 2019

Fight Phishing, Win a Chance at an Apple Watch

October 1, 2019

Duke unveils a new email safety tool and quiz as part of National Cybersecurity Month

Justin Sherman: Cold War Analogies are Warping Tech Policy

September 9, 2019
statue overlooking duke east campus

Central & West Campus network upgrades schedule

September 5, 2019

Starting Thursday, September 5, 2019, OIT Network Engineering and Field Services will perform network upgrades to academic and other administrative buildings.