Audio & Video Services

OIT provides services for capturing lectures and events; converting captured media to other formats and distributing media; and technical consultation and resources for helping you with these projects. Some services are offered directly, and some in close partnerships with technology groups throughout the university and health system.

Captioning Services - provide captions for your live or recorded videos

Duke Digital Signs & DukeFlyer — broadcast your message via video screens in our enterprise wide centrally managed service

Digital Media Resources — digital media tools and processes at Duke

DukeCapture — provides automated lecture and event recording at over 120 locations across the Duke campus.

iTunes U and Podcasting — how to publish audio and video to iTunes U and make them available for download to iPod

Multimedia Project Studio (MPS) — video and audio editing equipment available for student and faculty use

Warpwire — Simple, secure on-demand video streaming

Wowza Media Streaming - Live video streaming service

YouTube — Duke's YouTube channel highlights video from the classroom, research and campus life. Visit Duke's Channel on YouTube: A Guide to Participation to get started. Visit the YouTube Help Center for technical support.

Other Digital Media Programs & Services

Duke Digital Initiative — the CIT, OIT and undergraduate schools collaboration to foster the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning