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WebEx Enterprise is Cisco's online, cloud-based conferencing service, which includes, Meeting Center, Event Center, Training Center and Support Center. Along with conventional telephone (voice/audio) conferencing, WebEx Enterprise allows Web-based conferencing in a collaborative session sharing audio, video, and the desktop. Up to 1000 participants may attend meetings by telephone, on their computer, or via iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices.

Conference types
Getting started
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Conference types

WebEx Enterprise supports two major types of conferences:

  • Telephone (voice/audio only) - The host initiates a meeting over the phone; participants call in (no Web-based features are available). Charges apply (see Rates below).
  • Web-based - The host initiates a meeting online; participants can join via computer, wireless device, or telephone. Video and chat are available, and views of the desktop can be shared. For the voice/audio component of the conference, participants can use the built-in capabilities of their computer/device (which is free) OR call in to the conference number using the telephone (charges apply to the host, and the participant may incur long distance charges as well).

As a WebEx Enterprise host, when you schedule a conference, you can choose one of two options for your meeting:

  • "WebEx Audio" (default) - Allows you to hold a Web-based, online meeting; participants can join online AND over the phone. Participants receive an email invitation containing a link to the online meeting as well as a toll number they can call to join. If they join online, participants may choose to do one of the following:

    • Use a USB headset or USB speakerphone connected to their computer (preferred). Users with newer Mac laptops may find their speaker/mic to be sufficient for their own use, but the laptop's speaker/mic is insufficient for sharing among participants, even in the same room. (No host charges apply.)
    • Call in using the toll number provided (per minute/per participant toll charges apply to the host, and the participant may incur long distance charges)

  • "VoIP only" - VoIP only conferences allow participants to join only online via their computer/mobile device; no telephone access is available and no charges apply. If you think your participants may have poor-quality Internet connections or lack speaker/mic or headset capability on their device, use WebEx Audio when scheduling your conference.
See Rates and Billing below.

Getting started

To get started with WebEx Enterprise, request an account.

Note: In case telephone charges need to be applied to a host account, each new host account requires one associated cost center.

New accounts will be provisioned within five business days. When your host account is provisioned, you'll receive a welcome email with instructions on how to access and use WebEx Meeting.

Logging in

To access WebEx Enerprise, users with host accounts can visit the appropriate site below and log in with their Duke NetID and password:


VoIP only meetings (joined online via computer or mobile device) are free to the host and participant. VoIP meetings cannot be joined by telephone.

WebEx Audio meetings that participants have joined by telephone will accrue charges for the host at a rate of 1.5 cents/min per participant. Depending on their long distance carrier and service plan, participants may also incur long distance charges.

Note: By default, new host accounts are provisioned to not provide toll-free conference numbers for participants and to not allow the system to call back participants. However, you may wish to provide meeting participants with a toll-free number or allow the system to call them back (many countries do not support direct-dial to US numbers). Hosts are charged 3.8 cents/min per participant for toll-free and call-back calls. If you would like either or both of these capabilities, contact your service desk (see Support, below).

If your host account is provisioned to allow global conferencing, you will pay competitive per minute/per participant international rates for each participant who calls in from outside the US or uses the call back feature (not all countries support direct dial-in to toll or toll-free US numbers). See the knowledge base article WebEx Meeting: Global telephone rates.


There are no monthly charges for WebEx Meeting. Any per minute charges for telephone usage you incur as a host will be billed to either the cost center associated with your host account or the cost center that you specify when you schedule an online meeting (audio-only personal teleconferences do not support a unique cost center).

On the 15th of every month, Cisco will generate an invoice for the previous month's usage charges, and send it to Duke's Budget Office (919-684-5804). The Budget Office will post the charges in SAP according to the normal monthly cost allocation schedule.

If you need to change the cost center associated with your host account, contact your service desk (only one cost center change per billing cycle is permitted).


A number of resources are available to help you with WebEx Meeting.


  • Cisco WebEx Meeting Quick Start Guide - Cisco's Quick Start Guide is a downloadable PDF
  • Cisco WebEx Meeting User Guide - Log in to WebEx Meeting (see Logging in, above) and select Support > User Guides. If you don't have an account yet, only the HTML version of the user guide is available.
  • Cisco WebEx Meeting knowledge base - Contains articles about how to use WebEx Meeting and answers to common questions/issues
  • Support@Duke knowledge base - Search the knowledge base for Duke-specific WebEx Meeting information

Cisco support

If you need support while your WebEx Meeting is in progress or have any technical pre- or post-meeting questions about WebEx Meeting, call Cisco technical support at 866-229-3239.

Duke support

For other support questions, contact your service desk:

Account Changes

To make changes to an existing account, submit a change account request.