Unity for Duke voicemail

February 2008

OIT has begun consolidating multiple voice mail systems at Duke into a new single system called Unity. The transition will take about seven months. When it’s complete, everyone at Duke will be on the same voice mail system.

Unity will provide a consistent system across Duke that can be upgraded as needed. It allows users to transfer voice mail messages anywhere within the university and access voice mail from any touch tone phone in the world. It offers the features available on the old systems plus new services.

OIT is first launching Unity’s voice mail features. After the initial cutover to one system, OIT will launch “convergence-based unified messaging.” It will enable users to link their voice mail with other services such as email, instant messaging and mobile devices. OIT also plans to implement a Web-based service that will allow users to control their voice mail settings and other telephone features online.

The Unity Telephone User Interface (TUI) – the options a user hears when calling the system – is user friendly and intuitive. Users can access the TUI from any phone anywhere. All users will dial one number (613-6245, or 613-MAIL on a traditional phone pad) to retrieve messages.

Unity conversion schedule:

  • Approximately 800 users at Hock I, Hock II, Wachovia Tower and Erwin Terrace transitioned to Unity in September 2007.
  • The American Tobacco Campus cut over to Unity on January 28, 2008.
  • The rest of the Duke community, including the Medical Center, will switch to the system over the next seven months.

OIT will convert about 2,000 users a month to Unity beginning in February 2008. The rollout schedule is posted on www.oit.duke.edu/voicemail.

February rollouts include:

  • DUMAC – 2/8/08
  • Financial Services, Washington Building – 2/13/08
  • Financial Services, 705 Broad St. – 2/20/08

Departments tentatively scheduled to switchover in March are:

  • Academic Council
  • Academic Resource Center
  • Aerospace Studies
  • African, African-American Studies
  • Alumni Affairs
  • American Dance
  • Art & Art History Department
  • Arts & Sciences
  • Asian African Languages & Literature

On the morning of a conversion, OIT personnel will be in your department to answer questions, assist users as needed and make this as hassle-free an experience as possible.