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Get Connected: Wireless

Register your device

All machines must be registered through DukeReg prior to use on the Duke network.

Connect to the DUKE network (requires a Duke NetID):

  1. Open your network preferences and look for a network called "DUKE".
  2. Once connected to the Duke network, click register your device and follow the instructions. You will need your NetID and password.

dukereg button

3. After completing the registration, wait 10 minutes and reboot your machine. Once the reboot is complete, you should have full Internet access. Note: During Move-in week, the registration process may take longer. Please wait 30-45 minutes before rebooting your machine. 

For additional information or detailed instructions, click here

Dukeblue Secure Wireless Now Available

Duke University is in the process of transitioning to a secure wireless network called "Dukeblue". The network uses NetID authentication to protect your data and transactions. OIT is working with departmental IT to roll out the network. Or you can connect now. Connect to the Dukeblue SECURE network. Contact your local IT support with questions. 

Connect to the Duke VISITOR network:

Duke provides a separate, low-bandwidth network for visitors, which does not require the use of a Duke NetID.  The VISITOR network is not as robust as the DUKE network; visitors will be able to use it primarily for web surfing and connecting via virtual private network back to other secure networks.  

  1. Open your network preferences and look for a network called "visitor," which should be available to you across campus. Select this network.
  2. Open a browser. You should see the "welcome" message pertaining to the visitor network.
  3. Click Continue to connect to your normal start page.
  4. Note that the network cuts you off automatically after an hour of inactivity.


If you have any questions or have difficulty getting connected to the wireless networks, review the wireless network FAQ page. If you still have trouble, please contact the OIT Service Desk. When submitting a trouble report, it helps to have the following information available:

  • Date and time the problem occurred
  • Nature of problem
  • Any error messages that were displayed
  • Physical location when the problem occurred (building, room number)
  • MAC address of wireless adapter
  • IP address